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Conditions and Terms

On this page, you will find conditions and terms for using our website. These conditions and terms apply to the website and application of the (Nwras) Company and all its applications on the mobile phones, iPads, Android phones and browser-connected phones. Kindly, read these conditions carefully before placing any order through our website.

You are considered to have accepted the conditions and terms below once you visit our website or any of its applications on the smart devices, or when purchasing any goods or services using our website or any of its applications on the smart devices. Kindly, note that you will not be able to request any service through our website in case these conditions and terms are rejected.

About (Nwras) Company

We (Nwras) Company manages our current website, which is a method to provide online (boat rental) services, which enables the owners and boat rental companies to offer their boats for rent according to the conditions and terms stipulated below, and our Company is located in the United Arab Emirates, Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Conditions and Contracts

These conditions and terms shall only be taken into consideration as notice of any subsequent boat rental offer and any subsequent contract

Service Applicant Status:

When ordering any service through our website, it includes the following:

  1. Entering into binding contracts in the legal aspect
  2. You are at least 18 years old, and all users who are considered as minors and under 18 years old generally within the jurisdiction in which they reside must obtain a permission, and act under the direct supervision of the mother, father or guardian when using this website.
  3. (Nwras) Company is not liable for any damages to the boats offered for rent via the website or injuries to the third parties (boat users and passengers), which result from, including but not limited to, any performance deficiency on the end of the rental company or the crew belongs thereto, or for any mistake, omission, interruption, defect or delay in completing the rental, delivery and takeover procedures of the boats. Also, (Nwras) Company is not liable for any damages to the boats offered for rent, save as for their hull or engines, or towards the third party, as the responsibility lies on the company, institution or individuals who offered their boats on our website.
  4. The application relates to boat and yacht rental through the companies, institutions and individuals who wish to offer those boats for rent to the clients who use our website, as our role is limited to controlling the website and operating it through our regional office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, without alleging that those materials are appropriate or available for use in other places.
  5. 5) The companies wishing to use our website shall register their boats follows:
    1. Inserting the phone number, mobile phone, if any, as well as the website of the company offering the boat for rent, in addition to the e-mail, WhatsApp and all social media used, if any.
    2. A detailed statement of all specifications, details and ownership of the boats offered for rent.
    3. C) A statement of all services to be provided for the clients who are willing to rent, and a detailed statement of the rent prices of the boats as per the boat and its capacity and other details.
      For the information above, the (Nwras) application shall not assume any liability towards the clients or the aforementioned companies, as they shall solely assume the tort.
  6. The website of ((Nwras) application does not offer boats for rent or interfere in any way in the affairs of companies, offering their boats for rent on our website. What this website offers to the user clients is only to provide the ability to search and find boat rental companies and institutions for rent purposes.
  7. The boat rental companies and institutions that are selected from a website are responsible for complying with the applicable laws, rules and regulations in the country concerning the boat rental service.
  8. The companies and institutions registered on the website are solely responsible for the loss, damage, burning or sinking of the boats for whatever reason, and therefore the dispute is limited between them, the client who rented the boat and the insurer of the boats offered on the website.
  9. The chartering client shall provide the company selected by him (owner of the boat to be rented) with his correct details (ID), correct address, e-mail or WhatsApp for communication.
  10. The client or website user shall pay the boat rental fees displayed on the website by using a Visa Card or Master Card or any online payment method.
  11. The service is ordered by the client and website user through our website by logging into the company’s website, which bears the exclusive logo of the (Nwras) application by entering the required data to complete the order procedures.
  12. The client and the website user are entitled to cancel the order in case there is a mistake in the order or there is a need to cancel the order. The client may cancel the order within 24 hours from the date of placing it, as any fees imposed on the cancellations or modifications that take place within 24 hours from the date of submitting the order are based on the policy of each website in this regard and the table of fees previously prepared. The amounts paid are returned to the client and deposited in his account according to the available data of his bank account previously signed when placing the order.
  13. Legal Jurisdiction:
    These conditions and terms are construed in accordance with the UAE law, and the UAE judiciary and Abu Dhabi Courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to consider all disputes related to these conditions, or that may arise therefrom.
  14. Intellectual Property Rights:
    The website is exclusively owned by (Nwras) application, and is hereby granted all intellectual property rights.
  15. Privacy Policy:
    This Privacy Policy is created to highlight our commitment to protecting the personal information provided to us, in addition to the other information we collect and/ or receive in connection with your use of our website or mobile applications.
    The information we collect when you use the website and how we use it:

    1. The personal information we collect is the information provided to us by the client applying for the service:
      The personal information that you may provide to us in relation to your use of the application (e.g., your name, address, phone number, and e-mail).
    2. How we use and share the collected personal information:
      The personal identification information is used and shared with the companies and establishments, that offer boats for rental in order to handle the applications and/ services rendered to the rental companies and establishment and completing the same. Further, such information is used and shared with the rental companies that offer boats at us to contact the client for the administrative purposes, the customer services, the security control, discovering the fraud or for similar purposes. Furthermore, this information is used and shares with the companies and establishment that offer the board for lease to communicate with you, to enhance and improve your experience in the services rendered by us and to improve the functions and content of the applications including – for example, but not limited to – through displaying the content that we deem you interested in. In such case, we share such data with the service suppliers of the other entities in order to submit the analysis services and/ or display the advertisement we deemed useful for you on the website and/or the other websites. In addition, such data may be used and shared with the applicable Office Account Holders and the services providers of the other entities, as required, regarding the Office Accounts, including the preparation of invoices and reports. Finally, such information will be used as approved by you. Please, kindly note that as of the last update of the present privacy policy. Currently, the website does not take procedures for replying to “Do Not Track” Requests in the Browsers.
      Your name and email address may be used and shared with the third-party service providers, as required, to transfer the newsletters and the updates related to the website and or the applications or the traders subscribed at us, or the special offers, features, the submitted or available services, or using the site and/ or applications. Upon signing in our website, the preferences of “SMS Notification” can be adjusted in your account to cancel the subscription in receiving updates of applications in the SMS. Instead, you can click the link “Unsubscribe” existing in the out emails.
    3. Use Information collected by us:
      When you access to or use the website and the applications, we may automatically receive the use information and store the same through the clear cookies, gifs files, records files and other tracking techniques. We may use Analytics Partners of other entities such as ” Google Analytics” to assist in this regard; group of type of the information about the method of your usage of the website and applications (for example, your laptop ID, your device type and your operating system), information about your browser and patterns of use (for example, your IP address, geographic location, information of Cookies, statistic information about your experience via internet, the preferences and the contents of the shopping cart and the required pages) information about your device used to access to the website (for example, your laptop ID, internet service provider, your device type and your operating system).
    4. How we use and share the collected use information:
      We may use such collected and received information to control the measures of the total use, to analyze the traffic patterns, to track the content, that you may be interested in, to diagnose technical problems and to otherwise plan for and improve the websites and applications, to reveal the third-party service providers and to share the same for the same purpose as shown in this paragraph.
    5. Other information we collect and are being used and shares as follows:
      Other information we collect. In addition, the other information being used and/ or received by us in relation to your use of the website and/or the applications and shared with the subscribed establishments and companies and our third-party service providers) are being used to contact you to receive the administrative services and customer service, the security control, discovering the fraud or for similar purposes. Furthermore, this information is used to communicate with you, to enhance and improve your experience in the products and services and to improve the functions and content of the applications including – for example, but not limited to – through displaying the content that we deem you interested in.
    6. Compliance and Protection
      We may disclose any of the information we receive or collect in relation to your use of the website and/or applications to the extend that we decide – in good faith – to be required in accordance with any applicable laws, rules, regulations or order or to enforce our rights or properties or to defend the applications. Without adhering to the above mentioned, in addition, we may transfer your information to any other entity, if we are acquired or merged in another entity or if all our assets or business is acquired entirely by another company or as part of bankruptcy or other procedures.
      The customer using the NWRAS application, website, and all other electronic sites, applications, and accounts belonging to the NWRAS website or other online sites, acknowledges and agrees to allow the application and website to use all information, data, advertisements, and photos belonging to the customer, and previously listed in the application. The website has the right to continue displaying such advertisements and data belonging to the customer on the application, even after the customer’s use of the application has expired. The advertiser/customer/subscriber has no right to demand compensation or any other claims regarding the application, as displaying advertisements and data on this application and website and other related sites in other applications and sites is considered implicit approval for the continued use of such advertisements and data without seeking their consent or reference to them.